Building a 21st Century Workforce: Workshop Results

In November, USU hosted a facilitated workshop to explore the challenges and opportunities to help make students more workforce ready.  The workshop included a circuit— five different areas where groups of participants visit topic experts, who engaged in deep discussions around knowledge boards, which were drawn by graphic artists from the powerpoints the experts didn’t use. They also offer an interesting way to share what we learned at the workshop. Here they are, you can travel your own circuit.

 Integrating Career and Academic Pathways, Elizabeth Bejar, FIU




Degree Design to Support Traditional and Non-traditional Pathways, Mary Alice McCarthy, New America Foundation




Credentials, Badges and Skills, Don Fraser, Jr. Education Design Lab



Next Generation Employer Relations, Rob Shook, IBM



Building Apprenticeships in Higher Education, Amy Firestone, Department of Labor



And we ended with some suggestions on next steps we could take to advance our work.  The answers were collected in pictures.






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